We expect more of our employees than others, because this is also exactly what we would like to offer our clients: more than others. The Heymanns IT team is made up of expert IT professionals.

After completing their studies and training, our employees have gained a minimum of several years’ professional experience. Our employees regard themselves as service providers in the full sense of the word: Our quality of service is not time or weekday-based, but rather exceptionally high on a consistent basis.

A key factor sets Heymanns IT apart from many competitors. We perform all our services in-house and do not outsource any processes. This improves not only the service quality for our customers but also the working atmosphere and team spirit of our staff.

Anybody can boast about skills and team spirit…

You’re bound to have read about “the best employees” and “unique team spirit” in other places. Why not put us to the test? Set a stopwatch and start timing while dialling our number. Explain your specific issue to the employee who takes your call. You will be given a proposed solution. Now check the time. Did you have to wait long? Did the proposed solution meet your needs?


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