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Many of the questions we receive recur regularly. We have summarised these questions here to allow you to find answers as soon as possible. Is your question not included? Please contact our Support team.

An IT service flat rate contains a clearly defined catalogue of services and solutions. These services and solutions are made available for a fixed monthly amount (per device). This allows you to calculate your costs exactly and to rely on the availability of your IT systems. In a sense, “services and solutions” means that you become a lessee of IT solutions. Benefits to you: The lessor is responsible for the functionality of the services leased.
The “Supporter” IT service flat rate is our “lite” flat rate. This includes 24/7 server monitoring, security applications such as system and Office updates, a helpdesk with status report, servers with updates and patches, workstations, documentation with monthly reporting and weekday support with fast response times. Various options can be used to tailor Supporter flat rate services to your requirements. Examples of options are backups and antimalware.
The “Unlimited” IT service flat rate is our “full-function” flat rate. Services in individual areas are particularly comprehensive. Response times are shorter and you have an option to order 24/7 support. These services include a daily network scan, on-site services, installation of new servers, a quarterly meeting with the key account manager and many more. The Unlimited flat rate also has an option for tailoring individual services.
Cloud computing is a significant trend in the IT sector. How does it work? IT infrastructure such as storage, computing power or software is not installed locally but is rather used via the internet. Access is via interfaces or protocols. The best-known access form is via a web browser. In principle cloud computing allows anything that is installed locally to be made available in the cloud.
No. When you use cloud-based services, you access data on servers. Think of this as a user account: Data transmission to your user account in the cloud is performed in an encrypted manner. Third parties cannot see what data is being transmitted. At the same time, it must be said that your data is not local to you but is stored on servers in a data centre. In this regard, Heymanns IT exclusively uses data centres that are located in Germany.
If you can install and use an application locally, access via the cloud is generally also possible. You can use server and computing services, storage, operating systems, Office software, developer platforms, security applications and much more on the cloud.
There are advantages from a business perspective as well as from the user’s viewpoint.

User benefits: Data storage media are obsolete and can longer be lost or damaged. Hardware does not need to be upgraded regularly. You can use services from multiple devices. You only need internet access.

Business benefits: Cloud services can be easily leased at a predictable cost. High acquisition costs fall away. Personnel requirements are also reduced: Maintenance of hardware, updates, inventory management, prevention of downtime: The cloud takes care of all these factors.

An additional cost advantage is the scalability of the cloud. In principle, organisations with volatile service requirements need to gear their entire IT to peak loads – this results in regular over-supply of capacity. Computing power, the number of workstations, server capacity etc. can be flexibly scaled in the cloud.
You determine what is included in the cloud flat rate. You can approach the topic of cloud computing cautiously – or you can move your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud. With the flat rate concept, the costs are always predictable.
We are an IT systems company, and offer all services that you would expect from an IT service provider. You alone determine which services you need. Once-off advice as to your IT landscape? Acquisition of new hardware? Migration to mobile end devices? Software advice? We offer these and many other services, independently of our flat rates.
Remote maintenance means that we can access computers or servers remotely. Remote maintenance is used for maintenance and repair purposes. Our IT specialists can access your IT systems directly and can perform configurations, remove harmful software or repair network settings. Remote maintenance offers significant efficiency advantages when compared to site visits. Problems can be resolved much more quickly because no travel is involved. This means that remote maintenance is also more cost-effective.
Not all problems can be solved by means of remote maintenance. As a result, we also work at customer premises. This is part of our Unlimited flat rate and is possible by agreement outside of our flat rates. Our Germany-wide service points (over 20 in number) allow us to reach companies all over Germany with short access times.

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