IT service flat rate

IT service flat rate pricing

Calculated from a customer’s perspective

Many IT service providers remain somewhat unclear for a long time when it comes to questions of price, and then come up with high costs “out of nowhere”.

Heymanns IT – a pioneer in IT service flat rates – has traditionally followed a different strategy. Our prices are structured according to the number of users, PCs and servers.

Our flat rates are calculated from a customer’s perspective. You receive a concrete service in the form of a functional IT capacity for every amount that you pay. For example, it is easy for you to calculate what IT costs are attributable to each workstation.

You can use the calculation tool below to get an idea. Select the number of users, PCs and servers to be included in the flat rate. The price is displayed immediately.

Would you like to know the exact price, and also how to calculate options such as backups and 24/7 service? Send us a short message using the form, and we will reply to you right away.

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