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IT infrastructure service

Simply outsource your IT problems.

How about, you no longer need to worry about your IT at all? We will set up an IT infrastructure that is perfectly adapted to your business and ensure that everything runs smoothly. With our IT infrastructure service, IT is as simple as power coming from a socket.

Infrastructure service means that we take over responsibility for everything associated with your hardware. This includes maintenance, replacement of devices, planned and unscheduled new procurements, changes to inventories etc.

Added value of our IT infrastructure service

Our infrastructure service enables you to enjoy the privileges of a leasing arrangement. We are responsible for continuous operation of all your hardware. If something does not function properly, we repair or replace it, or we remedy the problem by some other means – immediately.

But our infrastructure service offers further benefits for your company. We keep your IT up to date. We regularly perform upgrades that become necessary over the course of time, in the form of faster processors, memory chips, graphics cards and other adaptations in line with the needs of today.

For you, our infrastructure service means a complete solution at predictable costs. These are monthly costs, without high up-front investment. Smaller companies in particular also benefit from our edge in procurement markets.

IT infrastructure for any requirement

The infrastructure service from Heymanns IT is available for organisations of any size. Irrespective of whether you require a handful of PCs or a server farm: We offer complete solutions to suit your specific needs. Many of our customers are small and medium-sized companies. They are often surprised after their first enquiry as to how many options are also available to start-ups, artisanal businesses and other enterprises with a manageable headcount.


Our consultants are experienced specialists, who also think in terms of business management.


Our support division responds promptly and offers quick assistance – for optimal availability and minimal downtime


We have IT solutions for requirements ranging from A to Z: Select our flat rate option or a customised solution

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