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How does a camel get through the eye of a needle? This question may seem inappropriate at first, but is actually one that many companies should ask themselves when it comes to their networks. State-of-the-art hardware and software are not enough. Your IT is limited by its weakest part. And networks are often the weakest part.

Your network must always function – even when nobody is working at the time. Our network support ensures uninterrupted functionality of your network. Our network support comprises setup and administration of your networks – fully customised to meet your needs. We provide 24/7 support for your network and immediately resolve emerging problems remotely.

Network support optimises performance and availability. Neither of which is a given in the daily routine of many a company, according to our experience. The consequence: loss in productivity. Although the resultant costs are seldom measured in small and medium-sized companies, they are definitely incurred.

Why do suboptimal networks lead to productivity losses? There are various reasons. Inefficient network management can cost you a great deal of money. Is your field service employee unable to reliably access the latest data? Are employees frequently logged out of programs? Do the printers constantly refuse to work? Are PCs, tablets, smartphones and other end devices insufficiently synchronised despite the fact that this would in principle be possible? Do your employees have to wait several minutes every day for their computers to boot completely and for all applications to be available before starting their work?

If you have answered only one of these questions with “Yes”, our network management can most likely help you achieve higher productivity.

Our network support services

Would you like to set up a new network? We can do the entire installation for you up to the stage of full functionality. We then ensure optimal availability and performance, take care of maintenance and updates, and naturally also of security. We prevent faults through proactive management.

Even small “symptoms” often indicate impending problems. If these symptoms are recognised early on and handled appropriately, problems can often be averted before they even become noticeable. Should problems nonetheless arise, we immediately remedy them remotely.

Do you already have a network? We can optimise it for you. Our network specialists determine where there is scope for optimisation and exploit this potential. Our experts provide advice and assistance in network installations and network technology, and extensions and restructuring.

Your existing network can be integrated in our network support without any interruption in performance.

Effective network administration is a success factor for companies. IT is increasingly ruling processes. As such, networks are the “bloodstreams” of many processes. Problems in a network can therefore very quickly seriously affect many areas of a business.

Our network administration takes care of all of this for you: Network design, hardware and software installation, configuration and – once everything runs smoothly – monitoring and maintenance. Mobile and fixed workstations, servers, peripherals and telecommunications devices: Everything is optimally networked.

Network security is imperative. With our network support you automatically have maximum protection against all known risks. These include attacks on software, like Stack Smashing, attacks on network protocols (e.g. Man in the middle, Tunnel), attacks on the network structure (e.g. Denial of Service, DoS), spoofing, Trojan horses, viruses etc.

In the event of faults or disruptions, fast response times are crucial for mitigating (productivity) losses. Remote monitoring in network support is therefore particularly effective. We monitor your network continuously and immediately become aware of emerging problems. This enables us to remedy faults with extremely fast response times.

We offer 24/7 support. Are you having problems with new hardware or software? Is a new network participant having trouble logging in? Our experienced internal 24/7 IT support staff provide immediate assistance and, where necessary, also remote support.

Would you like to know what “is going on” in your network? If you choose our network support, professional reporting is included. If you commission us to provide support for your network, the first reports serve as the basis for optimisation, which we implement in coordination with you. Thereafter, the reports are performance records of your network.

They include availability and performance data for every connected device, data on utilisation of capacities (processors, storage and interfaces), documentation on speed of data transmission and much more. You can count on approx. 100 reports per month.

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