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Servers involve effort and costs – especially if they do not work properly. For most small and medium-sized companies, in-house operation of servers is not a viable investment. Experience shows that sooner or later problems occur that are beyond the routine of the employees responsible: External help is then sought. Why not hand over the entire operation of servers including monitoring, backup and maintenance to professionals from the outset?

Our server support offers just that: We handle your entire server operations. Regardless of whether you already operate servers, would like to install new ones or extend your existing inventory – from now on you no longer have to worry about maintenance, updates, monitoring, backups, security and troubleshooting.

Our server support ensures that your servers function properly and are always up-to-date. This means minimal downtime, shorter access times and increased productivity.

In most cases it does not pay to forego optimisation of your server operations. If your customers find that your website does not load fast enough they may move to your competitors. And if your field service cannot access data quickly enough, business may be lost…

Our server support takes care of the following:

At Heymanns IT, server management means that we look after every aspect of your server operations. You decide what you would like to outsource. If required, we procure hardware for you and install and configure it on site up to operational readiness. We then put your servers into operation and monitor them continuously. We perform all updates and ensure that you are always optimally protected against security risks.

Server monitoring is a server management option. Monitoring means that we continuously monitor the server itself and all installed applications. We check status, uptime etc. In the event of downtime – for whatever reason – we can identify this immediately and intervene remotely with extremely fast response times. As a result, your downtime and associated costs are minimised.

No company can do without backups. We offer backups as a server management module. With us, backups are not only extremely uncomplicated but also very reliable. We use the 256bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for saving data and store it in a German computer centre.

IT security is not something that simply does or does not exist. Security must be managed in the true sense of the word. It is no longer enough to install a firewall or antivirus program. Managed security also encompasses real-time backups, antispam measures, virus screening, content filters, protected networks and much more.

We offer managed security as a server management option. With this module, you can ensure that your IT is automatically always protected by the latest security technology.

Would you like to use the cloud, but not store your data externally? Then a private cloud is the right solution for you. We install your private cloud, which is available exclusively to you. All users can access all software, desktop, server and database systems centrally, thereby reaping the productivity benefits of a cloud structure.

If your server “sleeps”, your company sleeps too. Not only do we monitor your servers around the clock, we also intervene immediately in the case of malfunction. Fast response times and experienced employees, combined with remote maintenance, ensure that problems are quickly resolved.

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