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Data security is a key issue in all IT departments – not only as a result of the high standards demanded by legislation in the form of the GDPR. Three aspects are crucial when it comes to sensitive data: Confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Encryption and access management

Sensitive data must only be accessible to authorised persons. This requires data protection measures for transmission of data as well as effective access management.

We establish the right encryption techniques, which run in the background and ensure that no unauthorised third parties can access transmitted data. Emails from one department to another are encrypted in the same way as data that is transmitted via mobile end devices or stored in the cloud.

Data security also involves data protection within a company. Not all employees should be able to access all information. This can be ensured through effective access management. Access management defines who may access what data.

Modern access systems allow for more than one differentiation between management level and staff. For example, you can specify that access to internal databases from unsecured networks is not permitted. You can define individual access classes for each employee or groups. You can specify in detail what information should or should not be accessible to permanent staff, freelancers, field service personnel, customers or suppliers.

Data integrity: No changes without documentation

Data security necessarily also means data integrity. Data integrity means that no changes may be made to documents or databases without complete documentation. Our solutions ensure that every action is automatically documented.

Backups for data security

Your data may under no circumstances be lost. This is why we install backup systems that automatically perform backups and store all data in two different computer centres (redundancy). These backups run silently in the background and do not impact on running operations.

Data must be available

What is the point of ensuring secure data, if long-winded access then hampers productivity? Data security means the ability to access required data reliably. Customers, suppliers, field service personnel, branches: All these parties must be able to rely on quick access and prompt synchronisation.

Finding and closing gaps in security

We supply you with exactly the right data security solution for your needs. We start off by drawing up an inventory and checking your entire IT landscape for potential security loopholes. Then we develop and implement a customised data security concept.

By the way: With our security concepts you will easily meet all GDPR requirements.

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