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From the perspective of your employees, all your IT culminates in desktops. Desktops are the workstations where your staff contribute to productivity. These need not be desktop PCs. Laptops, smartphones and tables are also desktops.
If desktops do not work efficiently, time and productivity losses are enormous. Do your employees require several minutes every morning to power up computers? Does it sometimes take several minutes until databases are synchronised? Have your desktops failed due to viruses in the past? This probably means immense loss of productivity.

Our desktop management provides relief

We ensure that all your desktops permanently run smoothly. Depending on your needs, desktop management starts as early as selecting and acquiring the right hardware. This is followed by installation of the hardware up to full operational readiness.

Desktop management has many interfaces with IT security. This starts with access systems and covers antivirus software as well. We also install filters for certain unwanted programs, such as Messenger, according to your preference.

Desktop management comprises inventory management, maintenance, updates and prompt troubleshooting. We immediately replace faulty devices, keep hardware and software up to date and respond 24/7 should your desktops not run properly.

You can use our desktop management with any status quo. We install a new desktop farm for you or optimise your existing inventory.

Our monitoring enables us a continuous overview of the functionality of your desktops. As soon as problems emerge, we respond. Thanks to remote maintenance and 24/7 support we can solve problems that occur in the shortest time possible. In this way, downtime is minimised.

There are a number of potential pitfalls when configuring hardware and software. Many flaws are not instantly noticeable because they “only” gradually lead to deterioration of performance. Our configuration management organises hardware and software in such a way that all required processes can be optimally managed. Good configuration management is proactive so as to optimise performance and minimise downtime. This includes update and maintenance schedules and regular replacement of equipment.

Are you planning larger-scale hardware and/or software upgrades? Our migration services will handle all problems associated with this. Before the upgrade, we back up all data to our servers and to redundant computer centres. Once the new systems are ready for operation, all data is transferred to them.

Desktop management minimises downtime. Should a problem occur despite monitoring, we are on hand to help 24/7. Problems can generally be swiftly resolved by means of remote maintenance. To ensure this, our specialists also work at night and on weekends.

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