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Hardware & computer systems

Optimised hardware saves costs and increases the efficiency of numerous processes in a company. We help you set up your hardware farm. It makes no difference whether new hardware is to be procured or an existing inventory optimised.
Our consultants support you in achieving multiple goals:

  • Cost-effective procurement
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Reduced personnel for hardware support
  • Minimisation of initial investment

Our experience has shown that even in the hardware acquisition stage, mistakes are often made. It is not enough for your hardware to meet the current requirements of your company. Efficiency can also be measured by the costs that are incurred for subsequent adaptations. Can capacities be scaled in a cost-effective manner? Is it possible to react to changes in mission-critical software?

Our hardware consulting takes a viewpoint from your company’s perspective. From the outset, the situation specific to your sector is taken into account.

Procurement, maintenance and replacement of any hardware

Take advantage of our procurement benefits. We know the German and international hardware markets and can offer the best possible price/performance ratio. We provide you with concrete advice on specific manufacturers, products and their quality, and on their suitability for your company.

Processors, storage, peripherals, mobile end devices, cabling: We can procure whatever you require.

Procurement, installation, support and maintenance

It is not only a matter of well-planned procurement of hardware. We provide advice and support far beyond that. After jointly planned procurement of hardware, we take care of the configuration and installation of this hardware up to the stage of operational functionality.

We then assist you with comprehensive support. If a device is faulty, we remedy the fault by remote control or quickly replace the equipment. We take care of all maintenance services required.

Hardware personnel required on your part is limited to employees whose responsibility it is to contact us.

Is hardware even still necessary in this cloud era?

Hardware is actually becoming less important in this age of cloud computing. Many applications need no more than a browser because the entire upstream infrastructure has been outsourced and only the “end product” can be seen.

But you cannot draw conclusions from a general trend in respect of your own company. The crucial question is: Can you, in practice and without loss of performance, outsource what your hardware provides? If yes, hardware is also becoming less important in your business. If no, wrong decisions relating to hardware are a limiting factor for your success.


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