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Rollout: From product selection to disposal

Every so often an “IT spring-clean” is required: Existing, partially obsolete hardware is replaced with new systems. We assist you in this process and ensure that running operations are only minimally impacted.

As a basic rule: You determine which services you would like us to provide for the rollout.
We make your rollout our project and plan all processes down to the last detail. We provide the necessary logistics (e.g. storage), the staff required and we set up the entire hardware at your premises.

This is followed by installation and configuration. We configure operating systems, applications, networks, security software, backups and much more. When we are done, your new hardware is fully operational.

Where required, we will assist you in training staff on new programs. We will also take care of three aspects associated with the disposal of existing waste. Firstly, we professionally dispose of packaging material for your new hardware. Secondly, we remove old hardware – salvaging any residual monetary value for you. Thirdly we remove all data no longer required.


IMAC is not a brand, but an acronym. It stands for Install, Move, Add, Change.


We set up the entire system at your users’ workstations and perform the initial installation of all hardware and software.


We support you during migration processes. Regardless of whether you are moving a workstation to another location, have decided on a different system or whether the user has changed: Our IMAC service ensures a smooth transition.


We can install additional hardware and software as required.


We can update software, uninstall programs that are no longer needed and customise settings where necessary.

Our IMAC services also include Remove and Dispose components. We deinstall and dispose of hardware. We delete data as per existing standards.

Our Rollout and IMAC services

We receive goods on your behalf and document their state at delivery. We can recognise defects right away by means of immediate, documented pre-checking of functions. Where components are delivered in a damaged state, we will immediately procure replacements. This means that the project timeline is not affected by unpredictable events.

We set up all components and test their operational readiness. This test consists of a great deal more than “switch on and switch off”. We test the internals of all components. Has the storage ordered been built in correctly? Are the connectors for all components available? Have special requests been fulfilled as agreed?

We set up temporary storage during the rollout. The new components will initially be stored here. These will then be installed at your premises. The obsolete hardware will then be moved to the temporary storage and finally – after any necessary preparation – disposed of professionally. We also dispose of the packaging for your new hardware.

We install and configure all systems up to the stage of full functionality for the end user. Your users receive a password from us or your administrator, and can log in at their new workstation. At this point, everything has been set up.

Before the new hardware is used we perform a test run-through. All components are tested in parallel for functionality. This allows us to ensure that networks, interfaces, backups etc. function flawlessly.

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