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Do you want to install your own servers at your site or replace an existing server system? We procure and install new server systems and provide advice from A - Z.

Your servers are the heart of your IT system. As a result, faulty decision-making during procurement and operation are particularly expensive. Your server system must meet high demands in terms of availability, reliability, speed, security and scalability.

We install server systems from all manufacturers and with any capacity. Our experienced specialists will advise you on all important aspects and will find the right server system together with you.

Rack or tower servers? What processor should be used? What certification is required? What operating system do you want to use? Do you need increased redundancy in your power supply? Should your server be protected from dust or water spray?

Server systems for all areas of application

We install any type of server. Regardless of whether you need a database server, an email server, a backup server, an application server or a web server: Heymanns IT provides solutions for all server requirements.

Our server system services

Your server systems’ availability class determines the downtime. We procure and install servers from availability classes 3 - 6. A server in availability class 6 has a statistical maximum downtime of 31.6 seconds per year. The maximum downtime of a server in availability class 3 is almost exactly 8 hours and 46 minutes per year.

We follow the market, and are familiar with the reliability of servers from all important suppliers. We assist you from this perspective when selecting a server system and the operating system to be used. We take the intended application of the server into consideration in this regard. This enables us to achieve the highest degree of reliability.

Slow servers are a curse for everyone involved. We install server systems such that the speed gets the maximum out of the components. In addition, we provide advice when it comes to manufacturers and software.

Only a secure server guarantees excellent performance. Server security does not end after selecting a secure operating system. You also require optimised installation, regular updates, judicious assignment of permissions, regular checks, reliable storage of log data and regular backups. We assume these responsibilities on request.

Your company is a living, changing entity. Our server systems can also change. We take into account your needs in terms of scalability and install systems that grow or reduce in size with you where necessary. This allows you to avoid bottlenecks as well as overcapacity.

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