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Software can be a productivity booster for your business. Or it can turn into a dark hole that constantly impacts negatively on working times, motivation and efficiency. Our hands-on experience shows that large numbers of companies work with inefficient software portfolios.

Can you identify inefficiency that has resulted from software failings? Occasionally there is a type of “operational blindness” in this regard. Companies work with programs that have been around for a long time. Meanwhile new solutions may have come onto the market that are already offering advantages to competitors.

Does every department in your company use its own software? In this case, you are probably spending a great deal effort on coordination, documentation and cross-departmental communication. An integrated solution can reduce this level of effort.

Outdated software often turns into gradual cost drivers

Are you the only company in your sector that is still using an application? In this case you probably have to spend a lot of money on training new employees. And in the event of problems, only very few consultants are still familiar with the application, which means tangible drawbacks for you.

Our consulting starts with an analysis of your status quo as regards your software. We list all programs used by you, including all functions contained therein. The next step involves creating your software portfolio.

Here, we take into account which functions must be fulfilled by software in your business. We also analyse the business outlay associated with each function. The end result should be a portfolio that enables you to fulfil all your tasks with maximum efficiency. At the same time, the number of installed applications should remain manageable in order to minimise costs.

Our software portfolio can be tailored to any company and any sector. If you are convinced by our proposal, we install all software used on all end devices up to the stage of operational readiness.

We plan the cutover to the new software portfolio together with you. We will assist you in training your employees and in the transfer of data and processes to the new applications.

Our licence management not only ensures that all software used in your company is 100% legal, we also reduce the effort involved on your part in setting up new workstations and acquiring new applications. If a new member of staff is employed, for instance, it only takes a few clicks and all fully licensed applications – on all end devices – are available to the employee.

Our licence management ensures that necessary applications are available on all the devices that are currently in use. This prevents individual devices running obsolete security software and thereby becoming a risk to your business, for example.

Licence management: Do you know your licence status?

Licence breaches can be expensive: High penalties, additional charges and, in the worst case, negative coverage in the media can harm companies. Our licence management provides reliable protection against such damage.

How many software applications are you using in your company? For how many employees were licences acquired? Are licences adapted when employees switch departments and require new applications? Does your licence permit an employee to travel to the USA with operational applications loaded on their smartphone?

These and similar questions highlight the fact that licence gaps can creep in. Inappropriate thrift or negligence is rarely the reason for insufficient licence rights. Rather, it is a case of processes, work procedures, employees, scope and hardware changing over time. With every change, the impact on the licence status should actually be checked. But this involves a great deal of effort.

Our licence check is completely confidential. We promise this in the truest sense of the word, in writing.

When carrying out a licence check, we systematically examine your company for potential gaps. We check which licences were acquired in the past and what the current status of these licences is. We ascertain which application is installed on which end devices. We also look for gaps in networks and interfaces: Is access really exclusively available to users with a valid licence?

After our checks you will know whether a licence gap exists. This gap can then quickly be closed without causing major damage.

A licence check can often save you costs. Perhaps you did not choose the optimal licence tariff, or acquired too many licences or paid for software that has long been available free of charge.

A licence check has particularly large potential in combination with tariff consulting and software consulting. We know the (real) tariffs of software providers and can immediately assess whether you are paying too much or not enough. And we know the software market: Changing over to other applications can often result in lower costs.

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