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Storage & backup

Losing larger amounts of data is a nightmare. There are many – and often extremely sudden – reasons for loss of operational data.

  • Fire or lightning
  • Lost hardware through employees
  • Power outage
  • Viruses and ransomware
  • Other IT problems

The following principle applies: As soon as data has been created, it must be absolutely secure. Data collected over years or decades requires the same professional storage and backup solution as data generated on the day. This is exactly what we offer.

Our storage solutions for companies are NAS and SAN (Storage Area Network). SAN is a high-performance hard drive subsystem, while NAS systems offer a good price to performance ratio. Storage capacities can continually be adapted to your requirements. As a result, there will never again be bottlenecks or over-supply of capacity.

Where required, data can also be mirrored in one of our computer centres, which means that your data is stored in another additional location. Moreover, the backup location can also be used as an alternative computer centre. This is particularly useful for being back online again quickly after a fire, for example.

Your benefits through our storage solution:

  • All data is secure
  • Data retrieval at high speed
  • No over-supply of capacity, no bottlenecks
  • No internal protection of storage against server failures, water damage etc. required

Backups in real time

Loss of current data that has not been backed up is tantamount to loss of work performed. The days of one data backup per day are long gone. With our backup management your data is backed up completely automatically at short intervals. This takes place without any noise and without loss of IT performance. The data is backed up to a German computer centre and can be used for recovery at any time.


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