Microsoft cloud flat rate

Cloud flat rate pricing

Heymanns IT has offered an IT service flat rate since 2007, and offers a unique price-performance ratio in the market. Our portfolio has now been extended by the cloud flat rate. The cloud flat rate also allows us to provide our customers a cost-effective solution.

The exact cost of the cloud flat rate depends on you. The price is determined by the services required and the number of users. As long as the services and the number of users remain fixed, the monthly price remains constant and is easily predictable.

Your monthly cost for the cloud flat rate provides you with a number of savings. These include licence costs, internal personnel costs, expenditure for current IT consultancy and many others. By the way: The hardware capacity made available is calculated to the nearest second by Microsoft.

Do you want to learn about the cloud first, rather than commit to a flat rate straight away? Also no problem. You can commission all our services outside of our flat rates as well. You can also use Microsoft Azure (including us as your cloud service provider) without a flat rate.

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