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Microsoft Azure is suitable for all sectors

Digitalisation is gradually encompassing all sectors. Where there is digitalisation, there is also IT. And where there is IT, cloud computing is slowly but surely becoming the norm. Microsoft Azure is therefore a logical result of digitalisation – and your possible solution.

Microsoft Azure is used in almost all sectors. And we as a cloud service provider pave the way into the cloud and to an optimal Azure portfolio for companies in all sectors. A selection of sectors in which cloud solutions with Azure are used:

  • Public authorities and administration
  • Car manufacturers and suppliers
  • Banks and financial services providers
  • Chemical industry
  • Purchasing and procurement
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Health services and medical technology
  • Software development
  • Gaming
  • Tourism
  • Insurance industry

Advantages in terms of cost and services are the reasons that cloud computing in general and Microsoft Azure in particular have become popular.

It is more efficient to access applications on servers located in computer centres than to install these applications statically on your own servers. Access without installation increases flexibility in terms of the number of users and end devices. Instead of the effort involved with setting up workstations for new employees, all it takes is a click to activate them.

  • Applications are available more quickly in the cloud
  • Applications are available everywhere
  • The number of workstations can easily be tailored
  • Data is automatically synchronised

Not having your own installation has another advantage. You save on updates and version changes by operating via the cloud. Applications provided via the cloud are always at the latest level – even when it comes to security measures.

Cloud solutions also offer the best possible synchronisation of data. Never lose an order or working time again because employees are not able to access the latest data.

Cloud flat rate: Cloud solutions for SMEs

You can achieve the benefits of better availability by outsourcing not only your applications but also your entire IT infrastructure. Downtime in the cloud is less than in classic IT landscapes as a result of preventive monitoring and reactive interventions via remote monitoring.

Our cloud flat rate offers you a complete solution for your IT infrastructure on request. For a predictable monthly cost, you receive optimal 24/7 support and hardware including installation in addition to all required applications, e.g. server administration, network support and access management.

Large companies have long since outsourced their IT. Small and medium-sized companies often forego the advantages in terms of efficiency of cloud computing. In our experience, there are two reasons for this: Firstly, the concern about unpredictable costs and secondly, the psychological barrier of actually taking the step into the cloud.

With Heymanns IT cloud flat rate, both of these worries are taken care of. Decide on a flat rate, and fix your monthly costs. As a cloud service provider, we make your path into the cloud an easy one. No interruption to your operations.

Start-up? Trade business? Insurance agent? Advertising agency? We can help businesses like these and many others with 10 - 50 users with our cloud solutions. Reliable services at a transparent cost – on all end devices. Focus on your core business and simply outsource the IT.

Licence and access management, synchronisation, backups, maintenance, inventory management, network monitoring: As the number of users grows, so too do the IT requirements. Not so – if you decide to move into the cloud. Take advantage of efficiency benefits and the best possible scalability.

The bigger the company the greater the productivity losses due to inefficient software. Optimise your IT landscape by outsourcing into the cloud. We will help you do this.

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